Adidas RX SERIES LIGHT Padel Racket

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The RX SERIES LIGHT is a racket that makes lightness the best weapon to dominate on court. It is ideal for players looking to take a step forward in their game and improve in every match. The EVA Soft Performance rubber on the inside and the Fibre Glass on the surface form a pair of materials that excels in ball output, comfort, and ease of handling. The reinforcement technologies improve the racket's ability to generate powerful shots. The Structural Power consists of a carbon fibre insert in the core. The Structural Reinforcement consists of a series of perimeter reinforcements.


The power comes from the hand of this technology that reinforces the neck area of the racket with a large carbon fibre insert in the shape of a bridge. With it, the racket gains in resistance to large torsions.


The optimized arrangement of the holes aligned and grouped in threes improves the consistency of the blade and extends its life thanks to a better distribution that reduces critical areas.


A fundamental technology to achieve maximum power. The reinforcements on the perimeter of the racket increase rigidity. This high resistance to twisting in the face of strong impacts makes the difference in attacking play.





  Even (265 mm)


  499 cm2

  455 mm

  38 mm

  Standard Protector Tape

  Eva Soft Performance

  Fiber Glass

  Structural Power

  Structural Reinforcement

  Smart Holes Lineal