Adidas METALBONE CTRL 3.3 Padel Racket

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The METALBONE CTRL 3.3 is equipped with the best technology that will allow your controlled game to shine. This racket is capable of everything from achieving total control to excelling at the most powerful shots. It is Lorena Rufo's new racket, the perfect example of the ideal player profile to use it to its strengths. The Weight & Balance System technology makes it a chameleon-like racket. Adaptable to the best control or a more offensive game, depending on the needs of each player. The Octagonal Structure in the core of the racket guarantees the highest possible rigidity, which is reinforced by the Carbon Aluminized 2 to 1 fibre surface. The EVA Soft Performance rubber adds great ball reactions, and the spin is perfected by the roughness of the Spin Blade Decal.


The capacity to gather different rackets in one single handle is possible thanks to this technology. The system of removable weights located in the neck allows the player to modify the balance and the total weight of the racket and adapt its. There are a total of six screws that can adapt the racket for an attack or control style, as desired by the player.


Maximum rigidity comes from the interior. This technology has a tubular structure with an octagonal section in the core of the racket that gives it great consistency. Its resistance to torsion is extremely high, so the most powerful shots are guaranteed.


This technology covers the face of the racket with a rough surface with a high grip capacity. The friction with the ball is total, so the effects are carried out with astonishing ease.





  Even (265 mm)

  345-360gr (0+12)

  485 cm2

  455 mm

  38 mm

  Metalbone Protector Tape

  Eva Soft Performance

  Carbon Aluminized 2 T0 1

  Octagonal Structure

  Structural Reinforcement

  Spin Blade Decal

  Smart Holes Curve

  Weight & Balance System