Adidas Match 3.3 Black/Red PADEL Racket

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The ADIDAS MATCH 3.3 BLAC RED is a racket that is made to offer the best handling and great capabilities in terms of power. It is aimed at players who want to improve in all aspects of the game, but mainly the attacking game. Its All-Round shape shifts the weight to the upper part of the racket, making it easier to put power into your shots. The Structural Reinforcement technology increases rigidity, also key in the offensive phase. The racket's materials are EVA Soft Performance rubber and Fiber Glass, two components that guarantee handling and comfort. In addition, the Smart Holes Linear organizes the holes for greater durability of the racket.


A fundamental technology to achieve maximum power. The reinforcements on the perimeter of the racket increase rigidity. This high resistance to twisting in the face of strong impacts makes the difference in attacking play.


The optimized arrangement of the holes aligned and grouped in threes improves the consistency of the blade and extends its life thanks to a better distribution that reduces critical areas.




  All Round

  Slightly Head Heavy (275mm)


  520 cm2

  455 mm

  38 mm


  Eva Soft Performance

  Fiber Glass

  Structural Reinforcement

  Smart Holes Lineal