Adidas ADIPOWER LIGHT 3.3 Padel Racket

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The ADIPOWER LIGHT 3.3 is a high-flying racket with the differential factor being its lightness. The racket is used by adidas player Mafalda Fernandes and is the best ally to achieve greater handling. It has specific technologies that increase the rigidity of the racket and give it a surprising power capacity. The Dual Exoskeleton reinforces the core and the frame, while the Power Embossed Ridge supports the perimeter of the head of the racket. Spin Blade Mould surface roughness adds unmatched spin-producing ability. In terms of materials, the racket stands out for its efficient combination of EVA Soft Performance rubber and Alutex fibre, a glass-based composite with an aluminized treatment for improved power, comfort, and durability


To deploy maximum power, the racket must remain as rigid as possible under all circumstances. This technology involves a great reinforcement based on a double insertion of carbon fibres in the core and the frame of the racket, two of the key areas.


Spin comes off very easily thanks to the roughness inserted into the mold of the racket that incorporates this technology. The 3D relief increases surface grip for more fluid spin generation.


Maximum power comes from a racket with maximum rigidity. For this, the reinforcements are fundamental. This carbon rib located on the outside of the frame increases the resistance to torsion in the most powerful impacts with the ball.





  Even (265 mm)

  345-360gr (Light Weight)

  460 cm2

  455 mm

  38 mm

  3M Protector Tape

  Eva Soft Performance


  Dual Exoeskeleton

  Power Embossed Ridge

  Structural Reinforcement

  Spin Blade Mold

  Smart Holes Curve